SVCE possesses most encouraging and facilitating infrastructure. The newly constructed multistoried and elegant building has mind satisfying space with adequate fresh air and bright sunlight throughout the day. The spacious classrooms are facilitated with comfortable benches and chairs.

Spacious Library

About 3000 sq.ft. area accommodates huge reading hall and stacking area for thousands of textbooks and reference books and a large number of journals. The new addition to these books and journals constantly attract the serious and sincere students to add on to their knowledge and keep them abreast with latest developments in the academic and global world.

Well-equipped Laboratories

Laboratories are the assets available with “SVCE” to sharpen the practical skills of both students and the staff. Apart from various well equipped curriculum laboratories (Science, Mathematics, English and Social studies), our computer lab is also well equipped consisting of 125 machines with Intel P-IV and P-III hardware facilities along with updated software versions.

Students Common Room

Ladies’ Common Room adds to the comforts and convenience of the female students. Boy’s common room provides facilities for relaxations, interaction and indoor games.


With good food, healthy snacks, and variety of beverages helps in energizing students to remain focused in their academic, sports and extra-curricular activities. Drinking water through hygienic water filters and coolers is supplied 24 hours a day in the campus at various strategic locations. The building is well built with sanitation facilities on each floor. Open and clean premises of the College helps the minds of the students and staff fresh and free from all tensions.

Job-Oriented extra training and learning

One of the main non – debatable purposes of higher education is to prepare students to employ themselves into some suitable and remunerative activity / job. SVCE will attempt to provide novel job-oriented courses over and above the University courses. There are two reasons.

  • Employers want job related skill-bound and trained students ready to perform the job instantly. SVCE therefore provides special classes during extra hours for this purpose.
  • Keen competition among growing number of college students also requires extra training efforts on the part of the students aspiring jobs after completing their graduation.

Wi-Fi Zone

SVCE – Wakad always looks out to help its students in whichever way possible. And as most of the world gets digital, it is a necessity for students to have 24*7 access to the internet. We provide wi-fi to students for their studies and project work and have created wifi-zones in the college for accessing in the after-college hours.


The college has a huge auditorium with a capacity of more than 200 where many cultural events take place. The college group participates in different intra-college as well as inter-college events organized by the university and other colleges. The artistic and creative teams are given exposure to their fields with an encouragement to pursue it if they feel that is where they want to make their career in.


The gym at SVCE – Wakad is fully equipped to give its students, all the facilities of a multi-faceted gym. Along with the ground available for the students, the gym area has been kept spacious to accommodate almost 30 people at a time. Consisting of different weight machines, cardio- machines, exercise cycles and free-weights, the gym membership is available to its students at very nominal costs.


SVCE – Wakad not only prides in providing the best education, but we also encourage the students to participate in many extra-curricular activities. The sports department of the college is available for the students to give them exposure to the sports which they want to play. Our students have won many laurels over the years and have made the college proud. Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Athletics, Badminton and many indoor games are chosen by the students for playing.

Educational Loan

For those students, who have financial constraints but still have the zeal to study, SVCE – Wakad provides them with whatever help is required for them to apply for Educational Loans.