Admissions Committee

‘The first step is always the hardest. We make it easier.’


The Admissions Committee at Swami Vivekanand College of Education, Wakad is a student co-ordinated body which seek to bring in diversity as well as improve the quality of future student batches through the various activities they conduct. We are the interface between aspirants and the institute, and through our efforts facilitate admissions in an as seamless manner as possible. We maintain a strong presence across various social media platforms. In addition, we also engage in direct interaction with aspirants through city meets at various locations across Maharashtra. This is done to ensure queries are addressed, and also to build and showcase SVCE. To further this objective, we conduct events targeting undergraduates who may consider a career in school education and will be potential applicants for SVCE. The events are designed to provide the participants with a glimpse into the life of a typical pupil – teacher.


  1. The Admissions Committee is responsible for the graduate student admissions in the B.Ed. course.
  2. This committee will also develop contacts with other relevant graduate admissions committees with the goal of identifying potential candidates who would be more appropriate for the B.Ed. course.
  3. The admissions committee endeavors to identify applicants with the greatest likelihood of success in attaining the B.Ed. degree.
  4. The admissions committee tracks the success of the admissions process each year by maintaining a database of pertinent information on the applicants.
  5. This committee reviews admission requirements for the program annually.
  6. Recommendations for change in the standards for admission are made to the steering committee.

List of Committee Members of Admission Committee


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Bhagyashree Dudhade, Principal, SVCE Chairman
2 Miss. Shriya Joshi, Coordinator, I.Sc. and Trustee Member
3 Mr. Ashok Kumbhar, Registrar, I.Sc. Member
4 Prof. Deepika Rani, Faculty Member
5 Mrs. Sampada Karjatkar, Clerk Non – teaching Member
6 Prof. Dr. Jyoti Shinde, Academic Co-ordinator Member Secretary