Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are activities that fall outside the scope of your regular curriculum and now-a-days it is also as important as academics. Our college gives an opportunity to students to show their hidden talents.


  • Phoenix- Annual Social Gathering of Institute of Science, Poona: Students of SVCE Wakad, are constantly motivated to participate in various cultural activities and programs conducted by Our College. A number of activities were arrange throughout the Phoenix fortnight so that students can develop their hobbies and think divergently. Our students have shown their talents in these programs and have won several prizes and medals. Various events are conducted such as Fireless cooking, Rangoli competition, Mehendi competition, Face painting competition, Knowledge Expo, Talent hunt etc. and various days are celebrated such as Retro day, Traditional day, Saree and Tie day, Rose day, chocolate day, Fun-fair etc.


  • Sports: It is an integral part of student’s life, which helps in developing team spirit, foster sportsmanship, keeps healthy and fit and makes the student disciplined. Various indoor and outdoor sports activities are conducted during sports’ week such as Cricket, Volleyball, Table-tennis, Badminton, Javelin Throw, Shot-put, Carrom, Chess, Tug of war, Musical chair etc.